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Sunset Yoko

Jaume frequently travelled to Japan. At the beginning of the 90’s, he went to Japan to make incense on a factory called Bayeido in Osaka. There he won a great quantity of knowledge about how to create the best incenses of the world, up to that moment.

Also he travelled to Yokohama regularly, where he would forge one of his most loved friendships with a man called Satoh-san. Jaume also discovered primary materials from Yokohoma, most of them incorporated in the creation of new and more complex essences, and different scent styles.

Sunset Yoko is inspired on this story, and on all the adventures where Jaume and Satoh-san went to explore the many corners of Japan. This fragrance is special. It’s warm, earthly, sweet and, above else, SMART.


Viaggio, in italian means “trip”. A composition made to say lots of the most beautiful love stories. Love is unpredictable. Can appear in any moment, in any place. Is a wonderful feeling. A feeling which captures our senses like a exquisite fragrance does.

This perfume is a tribute to a journey of discovery through love, from how blooms to how, by taking care of, grows and gets stronger every day. Also to the wonderfull things we do when we ar ein love, when we feel capable of travel to the end of the world, if it’s necessary, to be with our loved one.

Halong Heaven

Following some changes in his personal life, Jaume decided he needed a change of pace. He chose to travel to Vietnam to work in one of the small factories there.

Whilst in Vietnam, he planned a trip with his friends to visit Halong Bay, a place that he fell in love with at first sight, and which instilled in him an uparalleled sense of peace. He described that place as Heaven. Since then, he has gone back to Halong Bay several times, and finds it a sanctuary that gives him great contentment.

To honour this magnificent place in Vietnam, Jaume decided to create a formula that is inspired by his own Halong Heaven. Halong Heaven is a sensory experience representing resins, warm weather, the jungle, salt and spices.

Green Crowne

Green Crowne is a beautiful tribute to the Green Highlands of the Scottish Isles.

The United Kingdom is a place that Jaume visited very often, and Scotland had always held a special place in his heart. The assemblage of plant species across the Scottish Islands are not only natural wonders, but are also embedded in history and culture – inspiring references in folklore, song and poetry. Green Crowne in itself is a poetic composition that draws upon the flora and fauna of this part of the world. Green Crowne notes are green, of course; but extremely sophisticated.

It is a very rich composition of more than 60 different essential oils coming from flowers, roots, leaves and seeds.

Infinite Love

An ineffable composition whose exquisiteness can only be discovered through its smell.

This formula is a story of unbounded love. A formula that is dedicated to Jaume’s wife. A formula that was put together with unconditional love and the purest of hearts. It is a unique combination of 77 essential oils and extracts, infused for an entire year, to achieve a fragrance that is sublime yet full of emotive depth.


Itinerantur is a play on the word “Itinerary”, our way through life. Life is a journey that takes us through a series of stages. Just like an itinerary full of things to complete, we all have to make our way through each stage of life, checking the boxes as we go. Itinerantur seeks to convey the emotions that are tied to the tapestry of life: the paths we take and the choices we make, and the ways in which we navigate the complexities of life.

Kowloon Bay

Kowloon Bay tells the story of the father and son who went to Hong Kong for a business trip in 2007.

As they travelled through Hong Kong Island, visiting night markets, Kowloon Bay, and interacting with the locals, they gathered an experience that influenced the composition of this formula. Hong Kong was also a very special place for Jordi. For him, it was a point in his life where he grew as a person and a professional, and was able to gain personal fulfilment from his trips.

Till today, he continues to use a jewellery article (a ring) that he bought in Hong Kong, carrying a piece of that memory with him everywhere.


Maiestas – Latin for Majestic, Dignity, Prestige.

The formula is a tribute to an age-old traditional method of creating a perfume, completely made “with the nose”, concocting a composition layer by layer, starting with its foundation. Each layer is recorded in a paper, and in the lab with its own chromatographic test.

Tradition + Technology + Art.

Only the finest and most exclusive wooden oils have been approved for this perfume, including the legendary Cambodian agarwood, granting a rich touch of simplicity and elegance. The combination with other great essential oils reach the to a magnificent blend of nature and artistry.

Mr. Keops


One of the stars of this collection.

This composition tells the story of ancient Egypt.

This is an homage to the gold colour often used by the Egyptian culture, one which has spanned more than 3000 years. It is a rich blend of Essential Oils from an old secret formula found in the market of an old Cairo Bazaar, many years ago. After months of work with this old formula, Jaume and Jordi were able to create a sublime composition, to find music inside a perfume. Story made fragrance, the passion of a link between the golden sand and the light of Barcelona.


Munnar Valley

A sensory experience representing freedom and nature: greenery, humidity, flora and fauna… Loneliness, the liberty and the majesty of a small part of the world, that is hidden in the mountains.

The mountains of Munnar, in the Northern Kerala Region of South West India, hold the scents of various teas, coffees, and peppers, all set within a region with trees, greenery, and fresh tones. Many years back, the creator of this formula had gone there to celebrate his birthday. He had planned to stay there for two nights, but enchanted and drawn to the magic of the place, he finally stayed for two weeks instead.

During that time, he witnessed the daily work of the farmers, which imprinted in his mind a unique feeling that inspired this formula… a mix of greenery and freshness.



Pirineum captures the crisp fresh air of a sunny day in the snowy Mediterranean mountains of Andorra, where Jordi spent the first decade of his childhoold. In winter, the air is filled with the balsamic scent of fir trees; while spring brings with it a distinctive tang of very rare flowers accentuated by summer fruits. In a bottle of Pirineum, you will discover the wondrous fragrances of these seasonal changes, which have followed Jordi throughout his life.


Santa Cristina

Santa Cristina is an homage to the spectacular Catalonian Coast of Baix Empordà. Hugging the coastline is a breathtaking promenade known as the “Cami de Ronda”, which is bounded by the tallest of pine trees, the calm waves of the Mediterranean sea, and the salty freshness of ocean air. In a bottle of this perfume lies the true, uninhibited essence of these natural elements put together.

Seal of Legends


In one of their earliest collections of home fragrances, Jaume and Jordi created a scent that was clean, elegant and light. It was known as “Aquamarina”. Now, having spent the last 25 years perfecting that formula, they have come up with Seal of Legends – a refreshing perfume that melds the past and present, yet still remains a classic favourite. This fragrance shows an aquatic, salty, spicy and wintery note.


Summer BCN

Barcelona is where the story of Almah Parfums 1948 began also it is where the creators’ passion and creativity flows continously to thrive. Summer BCN brings to mind the scent of neroli lingering in the air on a hot summer night, close to the sea.

Nautilus 100ml + 30ml set



Dark and blue metallic fragrance, with the power of the sea; inspired from magical books.



Addictive secret notes and a huge combination of sandalwood and resins are the energy of this fragrance.

Nautilus 100ml + 30ml set

Bella Sicilia


Sweet and powerful, talcum, powder and magical vanilla with fruits are the power of this fragrance.



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