Discovery Set Man Nº1 

Discovery Set Man Nº1

With this set we are trying to show you these fragrances for men in this unique set. Compound of:


Itinerantur is a play on the word “Itinerary”, our way through life. Life is a journey that takes us through a series of stages. Just like an itinerary full of things to complete, we all have to make our way through each stage of life, checking the boxes as we go. Itinerantur seeks to convey the emotions that are tied to the tapestry of life: the paths we take and the choices we make, and the ways in which we navigate the complexities of life.

Mr. Keops

One of the stars of this collection.

This composition tells the story of ancient Egypt.

This is an homage to the gold colour often used by the Egyptian culture, one which has spanned more than 3000 years. It is a rich blend of Essential Oils from an old secret formula found in the market of an old Cairo Bazaar, many years ago. After months of work with this old formula, Jaume and Jordi were able to create a sublime composition, to find music inside a perfume. Story made fragrance, the passion of a link between the golden sand and the light of Barcelona.


Pirineum captures the crisp fresh air of a sunny day in the snowy Mediterranean mountains of Andorra, where Jordi spent the first decade of his childhoold. In winter, the air is filled with the balsamic scent of fir trees; while spring brings with it a distinctive tang of very rare flowers accentuated by summer fruits. In a bottle of Pirineum, you will discover the wondrous fragrances of these seasonal changes, which have followed Jordi throughout his life.


Maiestas – Latin for Majestic, Dignity, Prestige.

The formula is a tribute to an age-old traditional method of creating a perfume, completely made “with the nose”, concocting a composition layer by layer, starting with its foundation. Each layer is recorded in a paper, and in the lab with its own chromatographic test.

Tradition + Technology + Art.

Only the finest and most exclusive wooden oils have been approved for this perfume, including the legendary Cambodian agarwood, granting a rich touch of simplicity and elegance. The combination with other great essential oils reach the to a magnificent blend of nature and artistry.


Ladies Discovery Set

Ladies Discovery Set

With this set we are trying to show you these fragrances for men in this unique set. Compound of:

Infinite Love

An ineffable composition whose exquisiteness can only be discovered through its smell.

This formula is a story of unbounded love. A formula that is dedicated to Jaume’s wife. A formula that was put together with unconditional love and the purest of hearts. It is a unique combination of 77 essential oils and extracts, infused for an entire year, to achieve a fragrance that is sublime yet full of emotive depth.


Viaggio, en italiano quiere decir “viaje”. Una composición hecha para decir muchas de las más bellas historias de amor. El amor es impredecible. Puede aparecer en cualquier momento, en cualquier lugar. Es un sentimiento maravilloso. Un sentimiento que captura nuestros sentidos como una exquisita fragancia lo hace.

Este perfumen es un tributo a un viaje de descubrimiento a través del amor, desde como florece hasta como, al cuidarlo, crece y se fortalece cada día. También a las cosas maravillosas que hacemos cuando estamos enamorados, cuando nos sentimos capaces de viajar hasta el fin del mundo, si es necesario, para estar con nuestro ser querido.

Green Crowne

Green Crowne is a beautiful tribute to the Green Highlands of the Scottish Isles.

The United Kingdom is a place that Jaume visited very often, and Scotland had always held a special place in his heart. The assemblage of plant species across the Scottish Islands are not only natural wonders, but are also embedded in history and culture – inspiring references in folklore, song and poetry. Green Crowne in itself is a poetic composition that draws upon the flora and fauna of this part of the world. Green Crowne notes are green, of course; but extremely sophisticated.

It is a very rich composition of more than 60 different essential oils coming from flowers, roots, leaves and seeds.

Halong Heaven

Following some changes in his personal life, Jaume decided he needed a change of pace. He chose to travel to Vietnam to work in one of the small factories there.

Whilst in Vietnam, he planned a trip with his friends to visit Halong Bay, a place that he fell in love with at first sight, and which instilled in him an uparalleled sense of peace. He described that place as Heaven. Since then, he has gone back to Halong Bay several times, and finds it a sanctuary that gives him great contentment.

To honour this magnificent place in Vietnam, Jaume decided to create a formula that is inspired by his own Halong Heaven. Halong Heaven is a sensory experience representing resins, warm weather, the jungle, salt and spices.


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