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Our History


Our History


The main “Nose” of the company.

Later on his degree in Chemistry, he studied the Art of Perfumery , working daily in the Lab with all of our team, as well as in core labs in France.

Beside the effort and work, he has the soul of a real Perfumer.

He’s got the real talent to get a special nose for this job. The daily work made the rest , developing a wonderful olfactory memory, to acquire the skills required to create perfumes.

Widely know as: “State of the Art” , what Jordi has is a special SOUL to create perfumes
The Soul of a real master PERFUMER .


The Chemical Engineer of our Company, in this picture, sharing the last Edition of FRAGANZE in Florence’19, with our guest and friend, Michael Edwards, Fragrance Expert and Editor of Fragrances of the World.

Jaume has been involved in International Business from the beginning of his career.

His grandfather created the first factory, some years ago, later he joined the company to build a powerful enterprise, creating , designing and setting up companies far away from home.

Powerful energy to push a legacy for the future of the family business.

He pursues to inflame the brand with three main codes : NATURE, WORK AND PASSION.
Only the best is acceptable.

Our greatest strength are the natural essential oils

Nature, knowledge, design and passion are combined with the highest quality of natural essential oils to create a new generation of unique niche perfumes.

Our background and experience comes from the knowledge of understanding the delicacy of the flowers and seeds and how to use them in state of the art perfumery.

The main characteristic of our approach to niche perfumery products is to use the best essential oils for the production of all our ‘in-house’ blends.


From the Old style Chem Laboratory, to modern ones with the highest Tech Equipment, in Almah Parfums 1948 we combine the best of the two ways : ALCHEMY UPDATED !


Queen’s Soul 

Limited edition at 300 units



Limited edition at 300 units

Eau de Parfum

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Eau de Parfum

Nautilus 100ml + 30ml Set

Eau de Parfum

Santalum 100ml + 30ml Set

Extrait de Parfum

Bella Sicilia 100ml + 30ml Set


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