Way to Wakatobi 50ml Extract


Way to Wakatobi is one of our exceptional perfume extracts, created from our own unique formula and blended with the finest ingredients selection.


Way to Wakatobi is inspired by the wonderful marine natural park that we discovered in a trip to Indonesia. We could stay for some nights in a hotel there, while we were visiting some Agarwood reserves.

We fell immediately in love with its crystal clear water and the thousands of fish, birds and plants species that were growing and living there. It captured our heart in such a way, that we had to create a unique and exclusive formula to honor this natural wonder. Thus, Way to Wakatobi was born.

Nowadays, we keep visiting Wakatobi twice a year to obtain agarwood and spices for our creations, and every time we do so, we abandon ourselves to magic of that place.

This fragrance is an homage not only to Wakatobi, but to Indonesia and its flora and fauna diversity.

Earthy aromas. Myrrh. Dark Chocolate. It is mostly a pure Indonesian Patchouli extract.