Viaggio 100 + 30 ml set


Beautiful 100ml + 30ml pack for our unique perfume, Viaggio. It includes two bottles and a beautifully made parchment with the description of the fragrance and its most remarkable olfactive notes. For WOMEN.


Viaggio, Italian for “voyage”. A composition made to tell many of the most beautiful love stories.

Love is unpredictable. It can appear at any time, anywhere. It is a wonderful feeling. A feeling that captures our senses just like an exquisite fragrance does.

This perfume is a tribute to the journey of discovery through love, from how it blooms to how, by taking care of it, it grows and strengthens every day. Also to the marvelous things we do when we are in love, when we feel capable of traveling to the end of the world, if necessary, to be next to our beloved one.

Viaggio is a delicate, soft and warm blend of oils to realise a dream coming true. Talcum. Orange Blossom. Blackcurrant. Sage. Vanilla. Vetiver. Oak Moss. A real velvet.