Stokksnes 50ml Extract


Stokksnes is one of our exceptional perfume extracts, created from our own unique formula and blended with the finest ingredients selection. Men – Limited Edition



Hidden in Iceland at the foot of Vestrahorn mountain, which is composed of dark igneous rock and sharp peaks, is where we find one of the most beautiful beaches on the planet with its wild and mysterious qualities, Stokksnes beach. The white foam of the fierce and powerful Atlantic Ocean, which seems painted on in watercolours and winds through the hypnotic dunes of volcanic black sand create a gorgeous contrast that also serves as a perfect frame for the sinuous reflection of the mountain in the water. The beauty of earth at its most natural setting is encapsulated at this location. We wanted to create a fragrance that faithfully represented this beauty and its virtually intact natural setting, which left us breathless from the moment we saw it. For this reason we composed this magnificent extract, dyed with plant materials to give it this dark colour so characteristic of Stokksnes beach.

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