Pirineum 50ml


50 ml bottle of our unique fragrance, Pirineum. Ideal for travelling or for carrying it around wherever you like. For MEN.


Pirineum captures the crisp fresh air of a sunny day in the snowy Mediterranean mountains of Andorra, where Jordi spent the first decade of his childhood.

In winter, the air is filled with the balsamic scent of fir trees; while spring brings with it a distinctive tang of very rare flowers accentuated by summer fruits. In a bottle of Pirineum, you will discover the wondrous fragrances of these seasonal changes, which have followed Jordi throughout his life.

Gardenia. Jasmine. Hemlock. Wild Orchid. Water Lily. Red Fruits. Papaya. Nagarmotha. Styrax. Clove. Vetiver.

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