Munnar Valley 50ml


50 ml bottle of our unique fragrance, Munnar Valley. Ideal for travelling or for carrying it around wherever you like. UNISEX fragrance.


A sensory experience representing freedom and nature: greenery, humidity, flora and fauna… Loneliness, the liberty and the majesty of a small part of the world, that is hidden in the mountains.

The mountains of Munnar, in the northern Kerala region of South West India, hold the scents of various teas, coffees, and peppers, all set within a region with trees, greenery and fresh tones. Many years back, the creator of this formula had gone there to celebrate his birthday. He had planned to stay there for two nights, but enchanted and drawn to the magic of the place, he finally stayed for two weeks instead. During that time, he witnessed the daily work of the farmers, which imprinted in his mind a unique feeling that inspired this formula… a mix of greenery and freshness. 

Bergamot. Cardamom. Galbanum. Virginian Cedarwood. Ebony. Sichuan Pepper. Tonka Beans. Siam’s Benzoin. Red Sandalwood. Frankincense.

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