Mr. Keops 10ml


10 ml bottle of our unique fragrance, Mr. Keops. Ideal for travelling or for carrying it around wherever you like. UNISEX / more MEN oriented fragrance.


This composition tells the story of ancient Egypt.

This is an homage to the gold colour often used by the Egyptian culture, one  which has spanned more than 3000 years. It is a rich blend of Essential Oils from an old secret formula found in the market of an old Cairo Bazaar, many years ago.  After months of work with this old formula, Jaume and Jordi were able to create a sublime composition, to find music inside a perfume.

Story made fragrance, the passion of a link between the golden sand of Egypt and the light of Barcelona.

Bright and delicate sweet fragrance. Myrrh. Vetiver. Citrics. Light Red Spices. More than 40 different Essential Oils from both sides of the Mediterranean sea.

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