Maiestus 10ml


10 ml bottle of our unique fragrance, Maiestus. Ideal for travelling or for carrying it around wherever you like. UNISEX fragrance.


Maiestas – Latin for Majesty, Dignity, Prestige.

The formula is a tribute to an age-old traditional method of creating a perfume, completely made “with the nose ”, concoting a composition layer by layer, starting with its foundation. Each layer is recorded in a paper and in the lab with its own chromatographic test.

Tradition + technology + art.

Only the finest and most exclusive wooden oils have been approved for this perfume, including the legendary Cambodian Agarwood, granting a rich touch of simplicity and elegance. The combination with other great Essential Oils creates a magnificient blend of nature and artistry.

Water Lily. Bergamot. Green Tea. Cassia. Carnation. White Pepper. Patchouli. Vetiver. Frank Incense. Benzoin. Cambodian Agarwood.

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