Kowloon Bay 100 + 30 ml set


Beautiful 100ml + 30ml pack for our unique perfume, Kowloon Bay. It includes two bottles and a beautifully made parchment with the description of the fragrance and its most remarkable olfactive notes. UNISEX fragrance.

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Kowloon Bay tells the story of the father and son who went to Hong Kong for a business trip in 2007.

As they travelled through Hong Kong Island, visiting night markets and Kowloon Bay and interacting with the locals, they gathered an experience that influenced the composition of this formula. Hong Kong was also a very special place for Jordi. For him, it was a point in his life where he grew as a person and a professional and was able to gain personal fulfilment from his travels.

Till today, he continues to use a jewellery article (a ring) that he bought in Hong Kong, carrying a piece of that memory with him everywhere.

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