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Ivvavik 50ml Extract


Ivvavik is one of our exceptional perfume extracts, created from our own unique formula and blended with the finest ingredients selection.

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Ivvavik is an Inuvialuktun word meaning “birthplace”. It is a wonderful place, full of life and nature. We discovered Ivvavik in one of our business trips and it holds very good memories for us.

We used to go to United States and Canada to buy some of the ingredients that we needed to create our fragrances, such as Virginian and Canadian Cedarwood. But in one of those trips we had the pleasure to stay for a full day and a night there, in Ivvavik National Park. Sleeping outdoors, looking at the sky full of stars and surrounded by the exuberant woods, was an unforgettable experience that is still engraved on our hearts.

There, we also discovered new floral varieties that have been essential in the creation process of some of our formulas.

So that, this perfume is a tribute to Canada and the border regions of United States, for its richness and beauty.

Bourbon. Virginian Cedarwood. Canadian Cedarwood. Tuberose. Nutmeg. Fireweed Flower. Trillium. Violet. Wild Rose.