Itinerantur 10ml


10 ml bottle of our unique fragrance, Itinerantur. Ideal for travelling or for carrying it around wherever you like. For MEN.


Itinerantur is  a play on the word “Itinerary”, our way through life.

Life is a journey that takes us through a series of stages. Just like an itinerary full of things to complete, we all have to make our way through each stage of life, checking the boxes as we go.

Itinerantur seeks to convey the emotions that are tied to the tapestry of life: the paths we take and the choices we make, and the ways in which we navigate the complexities of life.

Complex woody note. Cardamom. Bergamot notes. Cedarwood from America, India, Atlas and Lebanon. Ebony. Sandalwood. Myrrh. Copal. Siam’s Benzoin.

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