Halong Heaven 100 + 30 ml set


Beautiful 100ml + 30ml pack for our unique perfume, Halong Heaven. It includes two bottles and a beautifully made parchment with the description of the fragrance and its most remarkable olfactive notes. UNISEX fragrance.

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Halong Heaven is a sensory experience representing resins, warm weather, the jungle, salt and spices.

Following some changes in his personal life, Jaume decided he needed a change of pace. He chose to travel to Vietnam to work in one of the small factories there. Whilst in Vietnam, he planned a trip with his friends to visit Halong Bay, a place that he fell in love with at first sight and which instilled in him an unparalleled sense of peace. He described that place as Heaven. Since then, he has gone back to Halong Bay several times and finds it a sanctuary that gives him great contentment.

To honour this magnificent place in Vietnam, Jaume decided to create a formula that is inspired by his own Halong Heaven.

Lotus Flower. Gardenia. Eucalyptus. Lilyum. Cinnamon. Dill Seed. Lemongrass. Carnation. Black Pepper. White Musk. Magnolia. Raspberry. Mace. Benzoin. Amber.