Green Crowne 100 + 30 ml set


Beautiful 100ml + 30ml pack for our unique perfume, Green Crowne. It includes two bottles and a beautifully made parchment with the description of the fragrance and its most remarkable olfactive notes. For WOMEN.

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Green Crowne is a beautiful tribute to the green highlands of the Scottish Isles.

The United Kingdom is a place that Jaume visited very often, and Scotland had always held a special place in his heart. The assemblage of plant species across the Scottish Islands are not only natural wonders, but are also embedded in history and culture – inspiring references in folklore, song and poetry. Green Crowne in itself is a poetic composition that draws upon the flora and fauna of this part of the world.

Green Crowne Notes are green, of course, but extremely sophisticated. There is a very rich composition of more than 60 different Essential Oils coming from flowers, roots, leaves and seeds.

Basil. Celery. Fir. Bergamot. Cardamom. Marjoram. Artemisia. Angelica. Seeds. Resins. Myrrh. Pepper. Incense.

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